Meet the Modberry 500 – Raspberry Pi Industrial Computer

Meet the Modberry 500, the World’s first Raspberry Pi Industrial Computer:

Our team at Techbase, a company that specialises in providing high tech solutions to industries such as automation, telemetry, integration with IT systems and remote access is proud to launch our latest product the Modberry 500 is the worlds first Raspberry Pi industrial computer based on the Raspberry pi mini computer.

What makes the ModBerry 500  so special is that it is the world’s first Raspberry Pi  industrial computer based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The ModBerry 500 will be released at the same time as the Compute Module package.

What is the Raspberry Pi industrial computer module?

Raspberry Pi Industrial Computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation originally released the credit-card-size Raspberry Pi mini computer in response to the lack of computer-literate youth worldwide. Its power lies in its compatibility with a number of devices, portability and very low price. It can be used by anyone wanting to experiment or implement a specific project using a mini computer. And its applications are varied and are still yet to be fully explored. It’s also easy to plug in a monitor, mouse, keyboard and WiFi and use it as a general purpose computer. It’s hard to think of a better way to learn some basic programming and DIY electronics than the Raspberry Pi mini computer.

ModBerry 500: a Raspberry Pi industrial computer solution for the automation market

And now we have the latest use of the Raspberry Pi mini computer: a fully functional Raspberry Pi industrial computer called ModBerry 500, designed by our very own team at Techbase. The device targets the automation and installation markets, offering impressive versatility and easy-to-use slick cloud-based management. Let’s get you familiar with the basics of its hardware and software while simultaneously pointing out the many uses of the device.

The hardware

ModBerry 500 is now based on Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.2GHz processor, backed by 1024 MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash storage, thanks to latest Compute Module 3 from Raspberry Pi. It uses all kinds of interfaces, including RS 485/232 serial ports, as well as economical 1-Wire buses, widespread in the automation industry. ModBerry has Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports, which enables wireless communication such as WiFi, Bluetooth or various cellular modems. It is also the device’s durability that makes it perfect for the tough conditions of the automation, monitoring and installation markets.

The software

ModBerry uses the standard Raspberry Pi mini computer operation system, Raspbian. As the name implies, it’s based on Debian, one of the most popular and stable Linux distributions. But most importantly, ModBerry comes with cloud-based software that has been developed by Techbase to target the automation and installation markets. This includes iMod, iModCloud and iModWizard.

The iMod platform is the basis for the majority of functions that Techbase industrial computers offer. It combines numerous possibilities of embedded computers with ease of use. It is essentially a mixture of hardware resources and software packaged together so that adjusting the device according to the requirements of a manufactures is as straightforward as possible.

iMod can work as a data logger, saving and enabling access to data. It is used as a protocol and interface converter, integrating access to various devices. As an embedded computer, the iMod is highly resistant, considering the harsh circumstances of automated manufacturing practices. It can even be used as a standard PLC to operate machines in automated processes. As PLCs produce real-time output results in response to input conditions, it must be extremely reliable and perform perfectly so that no undesirable operations take place. The iMod is also used as an industrial modem and a GPS receiver to allow the use of satellite navigation systems – such services are required in vehicle industries, where extensive industrial networks call for advanced measures to synchronize time.

iModCloud is designed solely to enhance the management capabilities of the platform. It contains both the most obvious basic functions, such as installation management, software updates, device grouping and access control, as well as more non-standard features: data visualization, file management, notifications and custom-based actions system. iModWizard is dedicated to making the configuration process of the ModBerry 500 easier. This application offers an intuitive GUI, minimizing the need for extensive user interaction.

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